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EV Charger Installation

We understand the growing demand for electric vehicles in the UK and the need for reliable, efficient, and accessible charging solutions. As part of our commitment to sustainable and cutting-edge solutions, we offer a range of EV charger installations.

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Home EV Charging

At Capital Electrical, we offer robust home EV charging solutions tailored to your needs. With the convenience of home charging, you can get your vehicle ready for the day ahead while you sleep. Our team of certified electricians ensures seamless installation, adhering to all safety guidelines and industrial standards. You can rely on our expertise for a swift, professional service, allowing you to make your transition to electric driving effortless and efficient.

EV Charger Installation

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EV Charger Installation
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Commercial EV Charging

Efficiency is paramount when it comes to commercial EV charging. Whether you own a business, a fleet of vehicles, or manage public charging points, we have the solution for you. Our team has extensive experience in installing both home & commercial EV charging systems that cater to high demand and offer a seamless user experience. With our services, you can provide a reliable and efficient charging option for your employees, customers, or the general public.

"Superb home EV charging installation. The convenience of being able to charge my vehicle at home is a game-changer. Capitol Electrical completed the work swiftly without compromising on safety and the cost was very reasonable. Highly recommend their services to anyone considering a switch to electric driving."

Samantha Parson

Home EV Charging


If you have any questions or concerns about our services, here are some common inquiries we receive.

How long does a typical EV charger installation take?

The duration of the installation process largely depends on the complexity of the project. However, for most residential installations, our team often completes the job within a single day.

Are your installations safe and compliant with regulations?

Our team consists of qualified and experienced electricians who adhere to all safety and regulatory guidelines when installing EV charging systems. We prioritize the safety of our clients and ensure that our installations meet all necessary standards.

Do you offer maintenance services for EV charging systems?

Yes, we offer regular maintenance services to ensure the proper functioning of your EV charging system. Our team can also assist with any repairs or upgrades that may be needed. Please contact us for more information on our maintenance services.

Can you customize the charging options for my specific needs?

Absolutely. We understand that every client has unique needs and preferences, which is why we offer customizable solutions for EV charging installations. Our team will work with you to find the best charging option that meets your specific requirements.

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