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Fire & Burglar Alarm Installation

At Capital Electrical, we understand that the safety and security of your premises are paramount. That's why we provide top-tier fire and burglar alarm installation services, handled by our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

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Fire Alarm Installation

Our experienced team of professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of your property, carefully considering your unique requirements. Based on our evaluation, we will provide expert recommendations on the most suitable fire alarm system for your specific needs. Rest assured, we offer a wide range of options including both conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, all sourced from trusted manufacturers known for their top-quality products.

Fire & Burglar Alarm Installation

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Fire & Burglar Alarm Installation
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Burglar Alarm Installation

We can install and offer a range of burglar alarm systems, including wired and wireless options. Our team will assess your property and recommend the most suitable security system to meet your needs and budget. We prioritize customer safety and satisfaction, so our installations are done with utmost care and efficiency. No more worries about break-ins or theft, our burglar alarm systems provide added security and peace of mind.

"Capital Electrical went above and beyond when it came to the installation of our fire alarm system. They conducted a thorough assessment of our premises, presented us with various options tailored to our needs, and handled the installation process professionally and efficiently. The peace of mind knowing our property is safeguarded by a top-quality fire alarm system is priceless. We couldn't recommend them more!"

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Fire Alarm Installation


If you have any questions or concerns about our services, here are some common inquiries we receive.

What brands of fire and burglar alarm systems do you install?

We work with a variety of trusted manufacturers known for their top-quality products, ensuring that you receive a reliable and effective system. The specific brand may vary depending on your particular needs and budget.

How often should my fire or burglar alarm system be serviced?

Generally, it's recommended that your fire and burglar alarm systems are serviced at least once a year. Regular servicing helps to ensure that your systems remain in optimal operating condition and that any potential issues can be identified and resolved early.

What's the difference between conventional and addressable fire alarm systems?

Conventional fire alarm systems divide your premises into zones, and the control panel identifies which zone the fire is in. On the other hand, addressable systems provide exact pinpoint locations of the fire, offering quicker response times and reducing potential damage.

Can I install a burglar alarm system myself?

While some may find DIY installation appealing, we strongly recommend professional installation to ensure the system is installed correctly and functions optimally. Improper installation may lead to system failures or false alarms, which can be costly and disruptive.

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